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An extra-ordinary opportunity for Practitioners, Coaches, Therapists, Health Care Professionals, Doctors, Nurses, Counsellors or stressed out Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

I've been doing Breath4Life™ Breath Work for over 3 years now and it's the single most life changing thing I've ever experienced... it's empowering, self-healing, freeing, releasing, often mind blowing and quite frankly, everything in between... I highly, highly recommend to get aboard the Breath4Life™ Breath Work Therapy train for 2020... take a breath and go for it!

- Amy Gower, HR Professional, Breath Work Practitioner -

The Experience of Breath4Life™ Breath Work  

is an exciting, totally unique and complete self-healing package. It incorporates Breath Work Therapy, life-skills, NLP techniques, life-coaching and written and non-written process work. It is a life-transforming journey of self-discovery.  

Are you going to become EXTINCT or evolve?

The Fast Track Foundation Course (Level One) is an effective and efficient tool for personal evolution, massive growth, healing and development. The course takes place September 19th to 30th.

Who is the course for?

  • People who are new to, but interested in self-development and wish to learn about and explore emotional intelligence, mental wellbeing and spiritual awareness. 
  • People who are interested and committed to exploring all aspects of themselves.  
  • For people who want to engage fully in life and show up in a real & authentic way and share their uniqunic gifts with other  
  • Therapists who want to experience and learn exercises and processes that will help and support them in their own self development and they can share with their own clients that will enhance their practice and what they offer.
  • This is course is also the first level to becoming a Breath4Life™ Breath Work Practitioner if you so wish.

Who is the course not for?

  • People who don’t really want to change or gain more clarity, love and happiness. 
  • Will not commit to the process and journey of Breath4Life™ BreathWork 
  • People who are don’t really believe that thoughts create things  
  • People who want a quick fix that takes no personal effort
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Breath4Life Breathwork

What is included in the course?

  • 12 x days of training, Setember 19th to 30th 2020. 
  • 10, group breath work sessions  
  • 10, 1 to 1, 2 hour sessions during a 10 month period via Skype or in person. With designated coach/mentor. 
  • Access to Acorn to Oak's library of resources.
  • Workbook for course content 
  • Reflective Journal 
  • Handouts  
  • Certificate of attendance

What is NOT included in the course?  

  • Accomodation, travel and food. We can provide a list of local hotels and B&B's on booking of the course.

Our Supportive Community  

We hold social events and educational seminars throughout the year let you meet other members and build your Breath Work knowledge.


Our Other Courses

Take a look at the other courses and retreats we offer at Acorn to Oak

Mining the Gold from Within Intensive Retreat

Ever feel that what you want is just outside your reach? Your potential greatness is so much better than you think. Let's activate it on this 14 day retreat!

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Shamanic Breath Weekend

The Shamanic Breath Weekend is a powerful journey into self which combines 2 very modality that balances body, mind and soul through a combination of breathing, inner journeying, chakra-attuned music.

Becoming Alive Retreat 

You will leave the weekend with specific set of tools that will help you create the life you have dreamed of with renewed determination and accountability that will help to ensure you manifest them.

Wild Women Retreat

This incredible workshop has already been a life-changing experience for many women. A course lead by 3 empowered women, it allows in enormous amounts of Love and Happiness and a true state of "being"

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Inner Balance

"The Inner Balance weekend was a profound and moving journey towards wholeness, balancing male and female energy in a wonderfully supportive, safe environment. I emerged from the experience feeling able to face a challenging personal situation with fresh insight and energy."

Break For Freedom Retreat

This amazing 4 day training will help you understand and break free from your core conflict and any old limiting behaviour which may be sabotaging you from creating and living the life you would like to be living.

What an amazing weekend, What an amazing gift to self, What an amazing woman. Pennie thank-you for being such an amazing guide, your energy, passion, love and acceptance are truely inspirational and have help me become in tune with myself. Thank-you again.

- Susan George, IFA -

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About Us

Acorn to Oak was founded more than 18 years ago. It continues to develop in collaboration with experts including health professionals, therapists, educational advisers, spiritual teachers and others from the human potential movement. At Acorn to Oak we live the symbology of growing ourselves and others from "little acorns" into "Mighty Oak Trees" with our branches spread out across the world helping others achieve that same growth..  

Reviews from Our Community 

“If you want a Master/Teacher Level Reiki course; packed with information, practical exercises and many days of pure energy....why not choose Acorn to Oak? You will obtain a thorough understanding of all aspects of Reiki at Master/Teacher Level. Be ready to also have a belly full of laughter and delicious treats! I would recommend Acorn to Oak for your Master/Teacher Level training!"

- Theresa Kahn, Reiki Teacher, Author, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach

“I must admit I wasn't expecting this! The breathing was simple to do, but the journey was incredible. The build up of energy inside me seemed to flush out all doubt, all limits and all misconceptions of who I truly am. I can't begin to describe the joy and peace I feel now. I have never felt like this before, so I'm really glad I made the effort to come today. A huge thank-you and I would drag all my friends and family along next time.”

- Marcus Field, IT Programmer

“I don't think I have the words to put together to describe what I have just experienced... 'bloody hell I wasn't expecting that' doesn't even come close!! What a difference a day makes, what a difference a breathwork session makes, if only I had known about this sooner... this stuff should be taught to us in school...what a difference that would make! Pennie thanks again for bringing this to my attention and thanks for making a difference”

- Ed Tilley, Company Director

How I beat emotional trauma. Read this article about Matthew Donnachie & how Breath4Life™ Breath Work saved his life literally! Read this article to find out more

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Want to know more about Breath4Life™ Breath Work? Contact the CEO/Founder Pennie Quaile Pearce to talk about your options and opportunities.