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Hey I'm Pennie Quaile-Pearce.

After spending nearly 30 years of my adult life working in the personal development field I realised that it could be very limiting. My passion is to help people understand what the truth is... That we are all magnifence energy beings with emormous raw potential whether we know it or not. My role is to guide you to know who you truly are. I have a no nonsense approach and will help you strip back the ego so it will be in service to your authentic self and soul. 

Having taken my own journey over the past 30 years I have huge empathy and unconditional love for those who are drawn to the Self Evolution Path and can effortlessly hold a safe space for you to explore all parts of your authentic self. 

In my journey back to my authentic self I experienced many different modalities, but realised the only way to gain results was to commit to doing whatever it took to set myself free of the past. 

I started Acorn to Oak The International School of Energy Medicine in 2002 to share what I learned about energetics and energy medicine. However, I started "The Truth Is" because what I've found is that Personal Development to be past it's sell by date. People no longer wish to develop... They wish to evolve past their history, pain and suffering of being on survival mode and evolve into thriving on a daily basis. People are fed up of being promised solutions that say will deliver the earth, but fail to bring real results. What I have found is "the love and light brigade" talk the talk but don't walk the walk and have no real idea how to guide others to evolve into walking their walk. This is where my expertise is, so I hope my no-nosense, practical and fun way appeals to you.

Take Care, In Divine Friendship



Homoepath, Breath4Life Master Practitioner, Life & Spiritual Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Spiritual Response Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Author, Workshop and Retreat Facilitator, Kriya Yogi, Mentor and Guide.  

The Truth Is...  

Emotional Intelligence is of the greatest importance, not only in daily life but it is imperative to entrepreneurs and business owner, so they are not making decisions driven by emotional responses, but from clarity of purpose.


I'll work with you, wherever you're at.


We'll sit down for coffee, or a simple phone call to chat about you, your story, and what makes you tick.



You've been around the block before and have some big ideas. Let's hone in on ways to simplify and polish for the best results



You have some solid routines that work, but are looking to take things to the next level and optimise your your daily life.


The Truth is... Mindfulness is important, but it's not the full story. We are much bigger than that.  

The truth Is... Training the mind is relatively easy and big changes can happen in less than 7 days with focus and committment.

The Truth Is...  


If you want to go from London to Edinburgh, it’s unhelpful to get a travel ticket to Hong Kong… how many of us state what we don’t want? Instead of stating plainly what we do…sometimes what we need is mentorship and coaching to gain clarity.

Let's Make Your Plan of Action Today.

Don't wait or hang out in pain and suffering when there is no need to. The truth Is... that's insane.